Hello! Welcome to Melody Music.

My name is Stephanie, I have a huge passion for bringing music and sensory play to babies and pre school children.

As a Primary School teacher and now Mummy to 2 little boys I know the importance of the early experiences we allow our children to have and the vital role that music and sensory play has in a child’s early development.

Melody Music are weekly sessions designed with you and your little ones in mind. The sessions are relaxed and welcoming to everyone involved. We incorporate a range of sensory play including messy play into the sessions as well as the use of modern music and traditional nursery rhymes. Our fun and lively sessions allow all children no matter their age or ability to join in and become apart of the group.

All the sessions are planned in line with the EYFS curriculum so you can rest assured your little music makers will have an hour of fun while also learning.