Business Terms & Conditions

When attending a melody music session, party, class or organised event (hereafter termed “session” or “classes”) customers agree to Melody Music’s terms and conditions:

Melody Music is a session organiser where the parents or carers accept full responsibility for the supervision of the children in their care. Melody Music’s staff cannot be asked or expected to supervise any child for any reason.

For fire safety, the weekly register must be signed for each class attended, at the start of the class

Any abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated and may result in criminal proceedings.

Our sessions are specifically designed for babies and young children (0 – 5 years). Older siblings are welcome to attend but may not be covered by our Liability Insurance.

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and socks/shoes should be worn by both children and adults.

Our sessions are usually 60 minutes long with an allocated time after each session for our staff to tidy up. If you arrive after the session has commenced you will have the choice of joining that session.

Attendance and Behaviour

Sessions payment details are included in your booking confirmation email. Where a session is pay on the door, an inability or unwillingness to pay at that time may result in you being asked to leave. Sessions are non-refundable except as specified by statutory rights.

Melody Music is a family run company, designed for babies and preschool children. Everyone within the class has the right to feel safe, comfortable and welcome. Any behaviour either suggestive, spoken or physical that could be considered threating or intimidating will not be tolerated. Melody Music has the right to ask anyone seen to be displaying these behaviours to leave with immediate effect, without a refund and may be refused entry to any further sessions.

In the interest of health and safety, the teacher will advise both adults and children of the expected behaviour during the classes. Melody Music will take no responsibility for any accidents or injuries caused by these rules and expectations not being met.

We ask that all children treat our equipment as they would at home and not intentionally dirty, damage or break anything. Parents or carers will be asked to pay for the item if damage is intentional. We do however understand that accidents can happen.

Please endeavour to ensure, before attending, that children and carers are in good health so as to limit the spread of illness to other Melody Music session attendees. If your child is unwell with sickness/diarrhoea, they must not return to class until 48hours after the last symptoms have passed. Any contagious illness/disease must have the relevant incubation time, as advised by the GP before returning to class. Melody Music holds the rights to ask any attendee to leave if they feel they are a contagion risk to other children.

Please make Melody Music aware of any issues, medical or emotional that may have an impact on the smooth running of the classes. Melody Music cannot be held responsible for any issues in relation to pre-existing medical conditions.

Bookings and Entry

Bookings can be made in advance online or by contacting us by email, phone or social media.

If you have not pre-booked you run the risk that the session may be fully booked when you arrive. In such cases we would not be able to accommodate you, as pre-booked places have priority.

For health and safety, Melody Music has the right to refuse entry to a session if maximum capacity is reached. If this should be the case, first refusal will be given to anyone that has pre-booked.

All entry price must be paid for every attending child.

Although bookings are non refundable, a booking can be transferred to another session.

Melody Music require at least 24 hours to rearrange pre booked sessions. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

Group bookings are permitted up to a maximum of 15 children, 4 children max per adult attending.

Parties and Events

In addition to the Melody Music terms and conditions the following also apply to any party or event:

A £30 non-refundable deposit must be paid within 3 days of provisionally booking the party. A party form must then be completed and returned within 7 days of booking. A party can only be secured once both the deposit and booking form has been returned. Upon receiving both of these Melody Music will then send a confirmation email. It is the party holder’s responsibility to follow up this confirmation email if not received with 14 days.

On arrival at the party the remaining balance must be paid before the start of the party.

If party is cancelled by the holder with less than 48hours notice 50% of the remaining balance must be paid. If the party is cancelled within 24hrs notice 100% balance must be paid. In the unlikely event that Melody Music has to cancel the party entertainments all money will be returned.

All party package contents, times and extras must be agreed at the time of booking. Any package add ons will incur an additional fee.

Unless otherwise agreed, Melody Music will assume they are the only party entertainer that has been hired. If other entertainers have been booked, Melody Music has the right to refuse entertainment, in this case 100% of the balance must be paid.

For the running of the party, an agreed, pre-arranged space must be put aside in order to safely set up and hold the party. If Melody Music feels that the space provide is not safe/appropriate for the entertainer or children they have the right to refuse the party, should this happen 100% of the balance must be paid.

Melody Music can not be held responsible for any loss/damage to any equipment, hall, furniture or breakages which occur during the party.

Due to the amount of equipment we have, a secure parking space close to the party venue must be secured by the party hosts for Melody Music’s vehicle. If a space is not available the party may be cancelled and 100% of the party balance must be paid.

Agreed Millage maybe added to the party price.

Party numbers need to be confirmed at least one week in advance for equipment (and catering, when requested) purposes.

Please allow us adequate time for setting up before and clearing up after your party.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents or the party host during the party.


The use of cameras are permitted at Melody Music, but please be respectful of others and avoid taking photos of children not in your care. We cannot be liable for pictures taken or uploaded by others.

Photographs may be taken during the sessions the teacher of Melody Music. These photographs maybe used on social media platforms, the Melody Music website and marketing material. Unless you specify on the weekly register, in the relevant section, that you do not wish for yours or your child’s photograph to be used.


Customers should keep all valuables with them at all times.

Customers bringing personal belongings into Melody Music sessions do so at their own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage to customers or other attendees belongings.

Melody Music accepts no responsibility for, nor accepts liability for any loss or damage to, any items left unattended e.g. in prams or coats, during our sessions.

Melody Music ensures it has appropriate and valid Public Liability Insurance under the terms above. Any breach of these terms may mean you may not be covered by our insurance.